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Two French Chocolate Desserts

Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Delicious Chocolate

First we are going to make a very easy Mississippi Mudd Cake that only takes a few minutes to make and your guests will keep coming back for more.

Then I’m going on the wild side for a bit and show y’all how I make an easy version of Pot de Creme. It’s a rich creamy chocolate dessert from France that looks like gourmet food but is really very easy to prepare.

The last dish I’d like to share with you is my own recipe for chocolate cream cups. This one is good for after a meal with good coffee or for a brunch or tea time snack.

Easy Mississippi Mudd

You are going to love how easy this is to make. First get 2 boxes of fudge brownie mix and mix ingredients according to instructions given. Pour the mix into a greased 13 by 9 inch rectangular pan and bake until nearly set.

Remove from the oven and sprinkle chopped walnuts and mini marshmallows on top. Pour hot fudge ice cream topping over it and return to oven for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and let rest for 5-10 minutes prior to service. Now stand back and watch your family fight over it! It’s just that good.

Chocolate Cream Cups

This one is fun and easy to do. You are going to need:

2 packages pistachio pudding mix.


2 cups semi-sweet chocolate morsels.

12 shortcake cups.

12 strawberries,capped and cut in half.

whipped cream.

The first step in this recipe is preparing your shortcake cups. Melt the chocolate in your double boiler. Dip each shortcake cup into the chocolate to coat the top 2/3 of each cup with chocolate.

– Place each cake cup on a saucer for individual service.

– Place the cake cups in the fridge until completely cooled.

Mix the pudding and fold in 2 cups whipped cream. Pipe the pudding mix into each cake cup and chill at least 1 hour prior to service. Garnish with whipped topping and strawberry halves. Easy, delicious and fun, dessert the way it should be.

Pot de Creme

Now for something different we add a taste of the old world with delicious pot de creme! In a double boiler melt 2/3 cup dark chocolate.

For the custard we are going to make a simple creme anglaise (pudding).

1 cup heavy cream.

2 teaspoons vanilla extract.

4 egg yolks.

1/3 cup white sugar.

1 tsp powdered espresso coffee.

1. In a small, heavy saucepan, heat cream and vanilla until bubbles form at edges.

2. While cream is heating, whisk together egg yolks and sugar until smooth. Slowly pour 1/2 cup of hot milk mixture into egg yolks, whisking constantly. Gradually add “egg yolk” mixture back to remaining “milk” mixture and whisking constantly. Continue to cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture coats the back of a spoon. Remove from heat and stir espresso into mixture.

9 Surprising Foods To Pair With Chocolate

Chocolate is always a good starting place, but what should go with it?

You can mimic the techniques of gourmet chefs to make even very simple party food memorable. The main goal is to pair foods that bring a variety of flavors and consistencies together so that the individual foods enhance each other. Consider foods with a flavor that is nearly as strong or a little stronger than the chocolate. You don’t want either food to overpower the other. Salty, tart, and spicy foods compliment chocolate well. Also, think of foods that can be described as crunchy or crispy.

These 9 Surprising Foods Compliment Chocolate

#1. Herbs and Spices

Cinnamon, ginger, and rosemary enhance the flavor of chocolate in unique ways. Flavor chocolate with ground spices, serve other foods seasoned with herbs, or offer whole items such as cinnamon sticks, depending on the type of chocolate being served. It could be fun to serve chocolate candies flavored with or paired with each spice so people can try them out and see which they like best.

#2. Cheese

The love affair between chocolate and cheese seems to be really hitting it off, according to gourmet specialists on the internet. I haven’t personally tried it yet, but I think I need to. Cheeses are tart and have a distinctive taste, so this would pair well with chocolate.

Want a real shock? If you had asked me which cheese would pair worst with chocolate, I would probably have guessed parmesan cheese, but people are raving about it.

Again, this would be a great opportunity to lay out a chocolate and cheese bar and let people try out their own combinations. This way guests receive food, fun, and new experiences.

#3. Potato Chips

Most of us have probably stumbled upon this delight on our own because so many parties include chocolate cake and potato chips. These salty, crunchy and oh-so-lovable snacks make a delicious and fun food to serve with chocolate in all forms. Chocolate fountains, candies, cakes, and ice cream benefit from the taste and shape of potato chips.

#4. Peppers

Yes, hot peppers will dazzle partygoers. The strong, spicy flavor of the peppers enhances the smooth, sweetness of chocolate. This taste sensation is particularly powerful because your tongue gets a little numb from the peppers and leaves typically unnoticed taste buds ready to fully appreciate the chocolate.

#5. Salt

It seems to be easy for our mouths to enjoy salty and sweet things at the same time. You actually taste both of the items more.

Did you know that you can put salt in or on chocolate?

#6. Popcorn

Drizzle chocolate on popcorn or serve them next to each other, and your guests will be delighted. This could be another great food bar opportunity. It would be amazing to serve several types of popcorn, different kinds of chocolate, and toppings of diverse candy and nuts.

#7. Vegetables

This is another one I haven’t tried, but apparently people have been pairing vegetables and chocolate together. You can dip vegetables in a chocolate fountain, serve vegetables covered in chocolate, and pair chocolate and vegetables together in a snack plate.

#8. Bread

Chocolate tastes delicious with sweet and savory breads. Vegetable based breads such as zucchini, cheesy breads, and nutty breads taste great served with and dipped in chocolate. Also, chocolate spreads make great party sandwiches.

#9. Mushrooms

Save this one for a party with very adventurous guests. Apparently, mushrooms and chocolate are something we are all missing out on, but you wouldn’t want to force the pairing on someone. Cook them together, serve them together, maybe even dip it.

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